It is hard to remember precisely a first project meeting with Simon Sainsbury and Stewart Grimshaw. But I remember the excitement, anticipation and curiosity in the run-up to whenever it finally happened. It had been in the offing a long time. We had met at the Chelsea Flower Show probably a decade before, and whilst we were working at Wormsley, Christopher Gibbs had often mentioned these very dear friends and the garden in Sussex that they had created with the legendary American landscape architect, Lanning Roper. Simon had vaguely mentioned to Julian he had a woodland- cum-water garden but that it felt unresolved and might be something for us to take a look at one day. He was particularly anxious about two bridges, made in brown wood, which Christopher Gibbs had felt were all wrong. We heard no more until about 2006, and could not have predicted what a positive and fruitful mission it would turn out to be.


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